A Brief History + a Short Manifesto of the Almost Brave

When I began this company, I originally named it Truebadours. It was a play on words, bringing back the imagery of the musicians standing on the streets telling the stories of their people. I misspelled it on purpose to have the word “true” in it and had our logo be arrows. I wanted everyone to know what I stood for: telling true stories of real people. Shooting straight and shooting straight to the heart.

When I began to think about rebranding and dropping the mysterious “we” and coming out from behind a logo + business name to just let it be who I really am, I knew that the “truebadours” way was still my approach, but it had become much more nuanced than that over the 6 years.

In the 6 years that I had been in business, I witnessed the Pinterest and then the Instagram world take over and become the authority on what was “worthy” of our attention. If it wasn’t epic or viral, it wasn’t worth noticing anymore–and then it seemed that image creators and artists decided it wasn’t worth making anything that didn’t get the vanity metrics and praises of social media.

But my heart wanted to build something different with my message and my work. As I was visioning for this new brand and really trying to get clarity on who I wanted to be for, I saw myself. I saw everyone I know and love. Everyone showing up to their lives as best as they can. I then it became so clear, there’s a phrase I’ve used ever since I heard this song in high school. People would tell me I was bold and brave for ways I led my life, but I never feel like what I’m doing is anything more than anyone else. I’m always calling myself “almost brave”, and that’s where I wanted to build a world for you. I wanted to go off the path of epic and viral, I wanted to raise a flag and welcome home anyone who didn’t feel epic or worthy enough to be seen. I wanted to look every person in the eyes and say “I see you, I hear you, you are magic and you are loved.”

If you showed up to your life today? You’re my hero, and I want to tell your story. It’s so, so worthy.

So, if you’re the person who feels less than epic.
If this term “almost brave” makes you laugh because you know exactly what it means.
If you look at your life and think “I know it seems normal, but what makes this so special is...”
If you’re curious and always searching for beauty + honesty, even in the most simple things.
I’m here, letting you know that it’s all enough. Your story is worthy of being told. And I want to tell it.
Here’s to new beginnings, new moments of honesty, curiosity, and exploration. Here’s to art and story and people.

Here’s to you. Welcome home, friend.